Open Source Rails reborn.

Welcome to the fresh, polished and community-driven Open Source Rails. We've given the site a long overdue makeover, but we've done a lot more than just splash on a fresh coat of paint. We've made changes that will make it last, and stay the authoritative place to discover and learn about Open Source Ruby on Rails projects.

Only The Best.

Instead of being a comprehensive repository of all open source Rails projects, we're now only showcasing the best, most recent, and actively maintained Ruby on Rails apps.

Easier discovery.

You can now sort projects by the # of Github stars, when they were last updated, or how long ago they were started.

Going deep.

As part of the relaunch, the goal of the site will be to publish detailed tutorials, walk-throughs, and screenscasts for each member project. We want to be the definitive source for installing, configuring, and learning how to use Rails apps. We will be reaching out to each project maintainer to help us in this task. If you would like your walkthrough or tutorial to be featured on Open Source Rails, just send email us at ( or issue a pull request.

By and for the Community.

To fight spam and bring out the best projects, we've decided to manage Open Source Rails the same way any popular open source project is run: via the community. You can nominate a project for inclusion by submitting a Github issue. You can also include a pull request that includes content, and blog posts.


Questions, comments or suggestions? Let us know by email or send us a msg on Twitter!

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